May. 31st, 2017

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I need to buy some new bedsheets.

According to various websites, the narrowest of the standard mattress sizes is 39", for the Twin and Twin XL.

My mattress is 36" wide. I also have two beds in the guest room, neither of which is as much as 39" wide.

I guess I'll have to go without a fitted sheet, instead going with two of the - would you call them topsheets? - sheets that go on top of the fitted sheet.

How recent is the current standardization? I bought my bed and its mattresses twenty-five or thirty years ago....
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The San Diego Padres, who boast the second-worst record in the major leagues, just completed a three-game sweep of the defending world champion Chicago Cubs. They did this largely on the strength of outstanding performances by rookies Dinelson Lamet, Hunter Renfroe, and Franchy Cordero and second-year man Luis Perdomo.

The 2017 Padres are a bad team. The 2018 Padres will almost certainly be a bad team. But the kids are coming, and the kids are all right. Watch out for 2019.


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