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There have been massive protests in Russia, in opposition to the Putin regime. Hundreds of people have been arrested for participating in illegal assemblies.

There appears to have been no comment from the White House on these developments. Gee, I wonder why?
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I wish it were that easy to get him back. We've lost another great, in Gene Wilder. He was suffering from Alzheimer's, so I suppose it's a mercy....

"Young Frankenstein" remains on my list of the dozen or so funniest movies I've ever seen.


Nov. 14th, 2015 06:01 pm
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In the wake of the Paris massacre, this is a helpful reminder concerning the rest of the Muslims of the world.

Don't let the monsters convince you that there's no one else.
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Now it's Oliver Sacks. He's got a few months left, no more.


Bad Week

Aug. 12th, 2014 07:50 pm
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Hard on the heels of Robin Williams' death, we've lost another one: Lauren Bacall has died.

I don't know that you'd call her a great actress, but she put in some great performances: "To Have and Have Not", "The Big Sleep", and "Key Largo" are among my not-so-guilty pleasures. I'd rate the first of them highest; she played a more, ah, active role in that story than in the other two, IMO.

Good night, Betty Joan. Say "Hi" to Bogie for us.
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In that corner... THE MOUSE!



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Daniel Keyes, who wrote one of the most powerful SF stories ever in "Flowers for Algernon", has died.

Remember to put some flowrs on his grave in the bak yard.


May. 20th, 2014 04:00 am
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Apparently, the conservative line taken by the current government of Australia has prompted large-scale protests.

The Daily Telegraph (owned by the inimitable Murdochs) describes this with the headline "The Ferals Are Revolting".

I think it is worth pointing out that the opposite of "feral" is "domesticated".

I'd say the second Gilded Age has found its "The public be damned" Vanderbilt, if there weren't so much of this crap coming from the poor persecuted 1%ers.
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Mary Stewart has died.

My mother loved her books. I've only recently begun collecting them for myself.

:raises glass:


Nov. 10th, 2013 01:47 pm
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In the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan's devastation of the Philippines, reports are circulating (in, e.g., the Guardian) of rampaging mobs looting a provincial capital.

I beg you not to believe them. We often hear stories like this after natural disasters, but no one who's actually investigated gives them any credence.

On the order of 10,000 people are dead. The survivors need relief, not slander. Give what you can.
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Here is an interesting poll by Gallup on which school subjects Americans say have been valuable to them. I'm not confident that everyone is in agreement as to the content of those subjects, however.
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James Comey has been confirmed as the new head of the FBI. I wonder how long it'll take before I stop getting spam as from Robert Mueller?


Apr. 15th, 2013 05:43 pm
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It is my sincerest hope that what happened in Boston was the work of a solitary villain. We don't need to add more groups to the hate-list.
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Neil Armstrong has died.

Leslie Fish's Hope Eyrie says it best:
But we who feel the weight of the wheel
When winter falls over our world
Can hope for tomorrow and raise our eyes
To a silver moon in the opened skies
And a single flag unfurled.

For the Eagle has landed; tell your children when.
Time won't drive us down to dust again.
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As a member of Sigma Xi, I have recently begun receiving daily "SmartBriefs", digests of interesting scientific/technological news items. Today's SB was headlined thus:
Study finds elevated caffeine levels in Pacific Ocean near Ore.
My immediate thought was, "Starbucks?" (Yes, I know, they're based in Washington, not Oregon. But still....)
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There was a sound of thunder, and there will come soft rains....

Ray Bradbury has died.

He was kind of a crotchety old man toward the end, but he will be missed. For sad, for scary, for melancholy, I don't know of his equal.


Mar. 23rd, 2012 11:10 am
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I have no idea what Geraldo Rivera is like as a person. Never met him, don't particularly want to.

But his remark on the Trayvon Martin case - blaming Martin's death on the fact that he was wearing a goddamn hoodie - is utterly reprehensible.

A boy is dead, and Rivera is making fashion comments.
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Today, people at the Chicago Board of Trade threw a bunch of McDonald's job applications on the Occupy Chicago protestors below them.

It is perhaps worth pointing out that earlier this year, McDonald's sifted through one million job applications - and hired about 62,000 applicants. That's only about 6%; or, to put it another way, on the order of sixteen applicants for every job. Every crappy service job at Mickey D's: sixteen applicants per job.

Do I hear knitting needles?
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This one's for dog-lovers everywhere, but especially for [personal profile] norabombay.


Jun. 4th, 2011 02:52 pm
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Turnabout is fair play.

Frankly, we need more of this.


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