Apr. 20th, 2017

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Back in January, the chair of the Colloquium Committee asked department members if they'd be willing to give talks about their research. She said she wanted to schedule such talks for the end of each month. After some consideration, I decided that, though I couldn't very easily give a one-hour talk on my current research (taxonomy of polygons), my previous work on geodesics on prisms did fill the bill, so I volunteered.

She told me that a guest lecturer would fill the February slot and N. had agreed to handle March, so I could give mine at the end of April.

A couple of weeks ago she asked me to confirm the title and give her an abstract so she could put together the flyers and online announcements. This I did. On Tuesday - the 18th of April, mind you, mid-April - I asked her when I would be giving the talk. "Oh. This Friday, at 3:00."

Uh. Okayyy....

I think I've got things set up. I cannibalized a copy of my paper on the subject for various diagrams and figures (a graphic artist I ain't, and this stuff really needs visual support), and sketched out the talk - what to cut, what to keep in, where to bring up a picture - but I'm worried that I've packed too much in.

We shall see. Tomorrow, we shall see.


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