Apr. 16th, 2017

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Album Title: Crimes of Passion

Why I Bought It: Out of a feeling that, if I liked Heart (and I do), I ought to like similar artists, and that Benatar was one of those. (I mentioned before that one of my mental categories lumps Heart, Blondie, Benatar, Roxette, and Joan Jett together.)

What I Like (Defiant): "Hit Me With Your Best Shot". Actually, several of the songs on this album could get that same adjective; take this one as representative of Benatar as Tough Girl.

What I Like (Protest): "Hell Is for Children". A song about child abuse, and a powerful one.

Overall: I don't think I like Benatar quite as much as I do Heart (or, for that matter, Roxette, a recent addition to my collection). She does what she does very well, but the constant intensity is a little wearing after a while. I will say that "Wuthering Heights" is oddly intriguing.

(My ability to comment on the album is a little constrained by the fact that I can't pull the songs up and listen to them, TYVM Microsoft!)


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