Mar. 10th, 2017

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I went over to Best Buy this morning and described my problem, with sketches. One of their salesman offered a solution, which I bought. On the way out the door, I looked again at what I'd purchased and realized there was still a problem. I went back in and laid out what I'd realized. The salesman was unbelieving, and we spent a few minutes discussing the nature of reality. The discussion led nowhere, and eventually I left again, rather disgruntled.

On returning home, I verified that the proposed solution wasn't, and that the salesman was, indeed, mistaken about the nature of reality. However, one of his comments led me to examine things again more closely, and eventually I hit on a solution. It involved cannibalizing a cable from an old monitor (said cable being, again, something the salesman had denied existed).

In any event, the deed is done, and I once again have dual monitors. A bit of futzing with the Display settings was necessary, but only a bit. I am content, and also a bit contemptuous.


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