Jan. 15th, 2017

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It's been quite a while since my last substantive post - over a month, I see. A good chunk of that was my trip to San Diego, another the first week of classes, a third the lack of a gap between the two....

So. (Sorry, D.) The most important thing from before the trip was a couple of visits to Best Buy, from which I came home with a laptop computer, a new landline phone, and a cell phone. The laptop I bought for two main reasons. One was so as not to have to borrow D's computers while I was in SD. (He'd given me permission to bookmark links on his computers, but I feel uncomfortable with that. I still had to piggyback on his WiFi, though.) The other... I've downloaded or received by e-mail quite a number of recipes. Unfortunately, they're on my desktop, and I have no printer at the moment; if I want to use them, I have to hand-copy them. Now, I can carry the laptop, recipes included, into the kitchen with me.

I'm sure I'll come up with other uses for the laptop as time passes.

The landline? My old phone was, well, getting old. The keypad buttons were no longer reliable; sometimes I'd have to push a button several times to get it to register, and sometimes the connection would drop before I could get the whole number in. Also, the screen for the caller ID was tiny, and it was getting harder and harder for these aging eyes to read it. So I got a new phone, with a great big screen (and a voice to go with it). As an unexpected bonus: unlike the old phone, if a caller doesn't leave a message, this phone doesn't take one. (Hearing "Message #n. :silence: End of message" gets really annoying, especially after returning from a trip to find 87 messages waiting.) I've put it in my den, which shortens response time, most of the time. Right now it's sitting on top of two adjacent stacks of books, themselves on a chair. I've got to clean off the big table so I can put the phone there.

As for the cell phone, I've had too many flight-delay mishaps over the past few years, and I'm fed up. Now, if something goes wrong, I can call D from the/an airport and let him know what's up. Of course, I neglected to put his number in the phone before leaving. I did put C's and E's in, though, and was able to handle this trip's flight-delay mishap. (My flight from St. Louis was delayed three freaking hours. They did rebook a connecting flight for me, so points to them for that, but there's a huge difference before getting in at 7PM and at 11PM, especially with two hours time difference.)

Lots more to talk about, but I'll try to stick to one topic a post.
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I just removed "Yahoo! Sports NFL" from my bookmarks.


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